NJ Carpenter Ant Control – Carpenter Ant Damage Versus Termite Damage What to Know

Termites and carpenter ants are among the top reasons for needing NJ pest control services in order to prevent wood damage. How do you know which one of these pests you have in your home, though? Find out more about how to tell the difference between termite and carpenter ant damage.

Signs of Damage

Carpenter ants and termites both cause damage to wood in homes as they move about and build nests and tunnels. However, termites feed on wood, while carpenter ants only chew through it rather than swallowing it. If you see piles of wood shavings near holes in your home, this could be a sign of carpenter ants, although termites can also leave these piles behind.

If you have wood that sounds hollow in your home, this can either be due to termites or carpenter ants. Wood gets this hollow sound as they chew or eat through it.

If you notice the pests themselves in your home, you might be seeing swarmers, which can either be termites or carpenter ants. Termites have no waist and wing pairs of the same size.

If you see mud tubes located on your home’s exterior, this is a sign of termites rather than carpenter ants.

Whether you have termites or carpenter ants, you need NJ pest control services to reduce the risk of damage. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information about how we can help you.

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