Tips for New Jersey Residents on Fighting Bedbugs

If you end up with bed bugs in your home, you’re not alone. These bugs are becoming a problem for more and more homeowners in NJ. Our NJ pest control services can help, but there are also steps you can take to reduce infestations.

Schedule a Pest Inspection

It’s important to first confirm that you have bed bugs, which helps determine the type of treatment your home needs. Our experts will perform a bed bug inspection at no cost to check for these pests.

Prepare Your Home

At Allison Pest Control, we do our part to rid your home of bed bugs using steam treatment. However, the way you prepare your home affects how successful this treatment is. You can get your home ready by eliminating clutter, vacuuming floors, removing linens from your mattress and ensuring that our technicians have access to closets and other areas. We’ll provide you with a list of preparation tips to follow before we come out to your home. Following this list closely will help improve the chances of completely ridding your home of bed bugs and preventing more from getting in and creating problems again.

If you’re having a bed bug problem in your home, contact Allison Pest Control today to set up a free pest inspection. We provide effective and safe NJ pest control services for bed bugs and other pests found in NJ.

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