What Rutgers University Wants You to Know About Our Local Ants

While NJ is home to many types of ants, carpenter ants are a bit different from the rest. These ants are bigger than most other ants in NJ, but they also cause different problems. Carpenter ants can damage your home due to their tunneling behavior in wood. Find out more about these ants and why it’s a good idea to get professional pest control in Monmouth County NJ if you have an infestation.

Carpenter Ant Species

Several species of carpenter ants are around, but the most common one is the black carpenter ant or Camponotus pennsylvanicus. Other species include red carpenter ants or Camponotus chromaiodes, Camponotus castaneus, Camponotus americanus, and Camponotus noveboracensis. Black carpenter ants are the ones you’re most likely to see in or around your NJ home.

Physical Characteristics

It’s fairly easy to identify carpenter ants, since they tend to be much larger than pavement ants, sugar ants, and other types of ants. Worker carpenter ants can grow to be 5/8 of an inch when fully grown. These ants are usually black in color.


Carpenter ants are known for boring into wood, which allows them to build their colonies and expand them. This behavior can cause significant damage to homes as wood is destroyed. You should have pest control experts treat your home for carpenter ants if you’ve been seeing them around, especially in your house or just outside it.

Don’t wait for carpenter ants to damage your home. Contact Allison Pest Control today for quality pest control in Monmouth County NJ.

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