What to Know About NJ Mosquito Control this Season Part 1

NJ Mosquito Control – what kinds of habitats do mosquitoes tend to live in? Some types of New Jersey mosquitoes prefer living in areas where they’re near people, while others live in more secluded areas, such as marshes or forests. Find out more about mosquito habitats and when to schedule mosquito control service for your property.

Water Habitats

All kinds of mosquitoes need to live near a source of water, since they place their eggs in water. Without water, these pests wouldn’t be able to reproduce. Some mosquitoes live close to permanent water sources, such as ponds, swamps, or lakes. In some cases, they choose clean water for their eggs. Others lay their eggs in nutrient-rich water. Other kinds of mosquitoes live near floodwater areas. These mosquitoes place eggs in containers that are higher than the water line or in moist soil. Some floodwater areas include irrigated fields, temporary pools from rain, and floodplains near river banks.

Mosquito Surveillance

Surveillance is done to determine what types of mosquitoes are in certain areas and whether they’re nuisance mosquitoes or disease-carrying mosquitoes. Surveillance involves collecting eggs, larvae, and adults. Experts then decide what types of mosquito control would work best in particular areas.

Preventing Mosquitoes

What can you do to reduce the risk of a mosquito infestation in your New Jersey yard? Don’t leave standing water around in pet bowls, inflatable pools, and other containers. Consider having professional treatment done to stop mosquito infestations.

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