Carpenter Ants – Did You Know These Interesting Facts?

You can probably guess from the name that carpenter ants can damage wood, but did you know that they don’t actually eat it? While these ants might cause you to need professional pest control in Monmouth County, there are some facts about them that you might be interested in knowing.

Carpenter Ants Can Be Colorful

Carpenter ants are usually black in color, although they can also be other colors. Different species of these ants range in color from light or dark brown to red, orange or yellow. The ones you’ll see in NJ are typically black.

Queens Survive for Decades

Queen carpenter ants can live to be 25 years old. This gives them plenty of time to reproduce and establish large colonies in one area. In fact, carpenter ant colonies can end up having thousands of members, including worker ants and swarmers.

Carpenter Ants Are Super Strong

These ants are able to lift objects that are up to 50 times their weight. This can help them carry larger food items back to their nest to help feed the rest of the colony. Carpenter ants also have strong jaws that they sometimes use to bite, although they rarely do this.

If you have a carpenter ant problem in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. We offer professional pest control in Monmouth County to eliminate carpenter ants and other common NJ pests.

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