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Legend has it that the charming town of Rumson in Monmouth County, New Jersey got its name from the alcoholic beverage that settlers used to purchase the land from Native Americans. Whether or not the story is true, there is no question that historical tradition gives Rumson its unique identity and flavor.

Rumson’s scenic location and proximity to water made it a popular summer getaway for wealthy New Yorkers. Majestic turn-of-the-century estates still line the shores of the Navesink River, where these warm-weather residents enjoyed activities such as swimming and boating. Today Rumson attracts a number of year-round residents as an upscale suburb of New York City, a short 40-minute ferry ride away.

Rumson, NJ Pest Control and Extermination

The lovely outdoor areas that make Rumson such a desirable home are also attractive to a number of insect intruders. Thanks to years of serving the residents of Monmouth County, our trained staff at Allison Pest Control has extensive experience dealing with any pests that turn up in local homes and businesses.

Mice Are Unwelcome Dinner “Guests” in Rumson

Mice can be adorable as pets for young children, but no one wants them running loose in their home. Easy access to food and water is what draws them inside away from their outdoor burrows. Thanks to their small size, they can easily find their way into even the most well-constructed buildings in Rumson.

A house mouse sounds like a character in a nursery rhyme, but it’s the most common type of rodent found in Monmouth County homes and offices. While they make their way scavenging through available food, they leave trails of urine and feces that create a serious health hazard. Deer and white-footed mice are less frequent “visitors”, but they can bring along Lyme disease-carrying ticks and Hantavirus.

Facts about Wood-Destroying Insects in Rumson

The elegant homes in Rumson often prove to be an irresistible target for a number of wood-destroying insects. As indicated by their name, Eastern subterranean termites live in vast colonies deep beneath the surface, giving them a convenient base from which to tunnel up inside buildings. Their voracious appetite for wood results in major structural damage to the surfaces they attack.

Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t feed on wood. However, they create the same effect by their industrious tunneling through wood to build their nests. Soft, water-damaged wood makes their task easier, but they will turn to healthy wood when necessary. The presence of multiple satellite colonies makes it difficult to eradicate this pest using over-the-counter remedies.

New Jersey Pest Control Programs

Your Rumson home or business doesn’t have to fall prey to these or other invaders. Our comprehensive pest management services give you several options for effective protection from animal and pest infestations. Let our skilled technicians assist you in maintaining the comfort and integrity of your building.

Residents of Rumson and eastern New Jersey trust Allison Pest Control with all their pest management and extermination needs. Contact us today for a free no obligation pest inspection.

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