Rats vs. Mice, What’s the Difference?

Be in the know about if you have rats vs. mice in your home or office. Mice and rats are among the most common types of pests that invade homes in New Jersey. In fact, these rodents keep pest control companies in Monmouth County New Jersey busy, especially when it’s cold outside. You might find rats or mice in your home or office during winter, since they like to stay where it’s warm. This means that it’s important to know the differences between these two rodents.


These are some of the most noticeable characteristics of rats:

• Size: Rats are much larger than mice. Some adults have a body length as long as 9 to 11 inches and a tail length of 7 to 9 inches. Adults can also weigh up to 10 times more than mice.

• Tails: Rats have thick, bare tails that are typically shorter than their body length.

• Head: Rats have larger muzzles that have a more rounded appearance. Their ears are small compared to the size of their head.


These are some of the most noticeable characteristics of mice:

• Size: Adult mice are smaller, with body length between 3 and 4 inches long. They also weigh a lot less than rats.

• Tails: Mice have thinner tails that are longer than their bodies.

• Head: Mice have more pointed muzzles and larger ears than rats.

Whether you have rats or mice, it’s time to have your pest control experts, Allison Pest Control, help you out. Contact us today or phone us at 800-564-4585 for safe and effective rodent extermination.

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