Stop the Invasion of NJ by the Spotted Lantern Fly

Invasive bugs can wreak havoc on local environments. The spotted lanternfly is one of the more recent invasive bugs to come to NJ. Should you hire professional pest control Toms River NJ if you see these bugs around? Find out more about them.

Invasive Lanternflies

Spotted lanternflies are native to India, China and Vietnam, but they have made their way to parts of the U.S. as well. These invasive bugs were first found in Berks County, PA in 2014 and have since spread to other states, including NJ and NY.

Problems with Spotted Lanternflies

Spotted lanternflies aren’t a threat to people, since they don’t spread disease, bite or sting. They also aren’t known to cause damage to homes as termites and other pests do. However, spotted lanternflies can cause significant damage to hardwood trees and crops. These bugs feed on sap from plants and leave them in poor condition. They also excrete honeydew, which can attract wasps and other stinging insects to plants. The presence of honeydew can also cause mold to grow.

What to Do About Spotted Lanternflies

When you have spotted lanternflies in your yard or house, you should let professional pest control experts know as soon as possible. These technicians can get rid of these bugs, which helps reduce their numbers in NJ overall.

If you need pest control Toms River NJ for spotted lanternflies or other bugs, contact Allison Pest Control. We can help you do your part in stopping invasive bugs from taking over NJ.

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