National Pest Management Association Forecasts Pest Predictions

Pest predictions is this even a thing? Yes, the kind of weather NJ has in spring and summer can have a big impact on the kinds of pest that are around. Some weather conditions can encourage pests to move indoors. Other weather conditions can lead to other types of pest behaviors. Will you need a NJ exterminator this season? Find out more about weather conditions and pest problems.

Bug Barometer

The National Pest Management Association recently published its bi-annual report on pests and weather conditions. This report, called the Bug Barometer, can help NJ homeowners know what kinds of pests are more likely to cause problems.

What’s in Store for Spring?

Spring has had temperatures that are cooler overall, which has kept many pests at bay. When temperatures warm up, though, some pests become more active. You might see swarms of termites around on sunny, warm spring days that occur after rainy days. Termites swarm in spring while expanding their colonies.

What Pests Might Invade This Summer?

Warm, rainy weather during summer can lead to higher levels of activity for ticks and mosquitoes. These pests can transmit diseases, making them a big concern for NJ homeowners. Rainy summer days can also lead to a higher risk of having ants inside your home. These pests head to indoor areas where it’s warm and dry, especially if they’re able to find water and food.

If you have a pest problem this spring or summer and need a NJ exterminator, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our high-quality services can help eliminate pest infestations in your home.

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