The 4 Most Common Rats In New Jersey

Rats aren’t exactly a rare sight in NJ, but they’re not all the same. In fact, New Jersey is home to four different types of rats. If you see any of the following in or around your place, you’ll need NJ commercial pest control or residential pest control to eliminate them.

Norway Rats

These are the more common type of rat that homeowners and business owners in NJ are likely to see. Norway rats are large rats with a brownish coloring, short tail, and blunt nose. Also called street or sewer rats, Norway rats excel at living near people in order to access food, shelter, and water. They’re mostly found at or near ground level in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Roof Rats

Roof rats aren’t as big as Norway rats. These rats have softer fur that’s brown with black markings. Roof rats have longer, thinner bodies than Norway rats. They also have a bigger ears and eyes and a pointed nose. Roof rats are usually found in high places, such as on roofs and gutters or in trees.

Eastern Woodrats

Eastern woodrats aren’t as common as Norway and roof rats. These large rats can grow to be up to 17 inches long and have grayish fur and white feet. They use debris to build nests and sometimes invade vehicles or roofs.

Marsh Rice Rats

Marsh rice rats are also less common in NJ. These rats can grow to be anywhere from 9 to 12 inches long and have a brownish or grayish color. These rats can be found in attics and other areas as they look for food.

Looking for NJ commercial pest control to handle a rat problem? Contact Allison Pest Control to schedule service for your business. We also provide NJ residential pest control services.

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