What Are the Top Pantry Pests Found In New Jersey?

Ants and cockroaches might seem like the bugs you need to worry about the most when it comes to your pantry. However, there are several New Jersey pantry pests you might not be aware of. These pests can contaminate stored food in your home. Find out more about common NJ pantry pests, including when to look for pest control services near you.

Indian Meal Moths

Indian meal moths are a small type of moth. They have reddish-brown forewings, whitish-gray areas on the front part of their wings, and a coppery color on the back part of their wings. Indian meal moth larvae cause damage to food products. They tend to be found in a wide range of dried food products. These moths can get onto ceilings, making them hard to catch.

Saw-toothed Grain Beetles

Saw-toothed grain beetles have a flat body with brown coloring. They measure about a tenth of an inch long and have a slender shape. They get their name from the six tooth projections they have on their thorax. Larvae and adult beetles feed on cereals, pet food, flour, and other dried food products.

Cigarette Beetles

Cigarette beetles are small pantry pests with a light brown color. They grow to be around an eighth of an inch long as adults and have a hump-backed shape. These beetles feed on tobacco products, as well as nuts, pet food, candy, spices, and other dried food products.

What to Do About New Jersey Pantry Pests

Have you found signs of pantry pests in your kitchen or pantry? Then it’s time to schedule professional pest control service to eliminate them. Pest control technicians can find these pests and get them out of your home.

Looking for pest control services near you for pantry pests? Contact Allison Pest Control today to schedule service at your home.

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