What is That Fuzzy Jumping Spider?

Spiders are often portrayed as generic eight-legged black creatures, but in reality, they come in a wide range of shapes and colors. Our NJ pest control experts share a helpful guide for identifying that furry crawling thing you spot in the basement.

1. Bold jumping spider

In addition to hair, bold jumping spiders are notable for the white triangle on their abdomen and metallic hues on their “jaws.” These spiders can jump more than four times their body length, which gives them a useful advantage when stalking prey.

2. Spotted orbweaver

Spotted orbweavers are another type of spider characterized by hairy bodies. Their legs are partially covered by hair, with the remaining section bearing a reddish color. Some may sport dark zigzag lines along their sides. As nocturnal insects, spotted orbweavers hide along the edge of their web during daylight hours.

3. Tan jumping spider

Tan jumping spiders have compressed bodies that give them a somewhat flattened appearance. This trait allows them to seek cover under tree bark. They’re generally found on walls, fences, and other vertical surfaces.

4. Common house spider

Just as the name implies, the common house spider is the variety with which most people are familiar. Their coloring ranges from tan to black, with females having a prominent bulb-shaped abdomen. Common house spiders capture other insects in their webs, which give off vibrations that alert the spider to the presence of prey.

5. Basilica orbweaver

The basilica orbweaver is somewhat reminiscent of a butterfly, due to its beautiful coloring. In fact, this type of spider gets their name from the resemblance to the colors in an Italian basilica.

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