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Termites in New Jersey Do Not Hibernate

Termites in New Jersey are a top problem for NJ pest control professionals, but does this include winter? Many types of insect pests go into hibernation this time of year, which gives homeowners a bit of break. Does this include termites?

Termite Activity in Winter

Unfortunately, termites don’t take a break during the winter months. These pests stay active throughout the year. On warmer days, they continue feeding on wood. When it’s freezing out, they dig their way further down in the soil to avoid the cold. This behavior means that homeowners should be on the lookout for termites in all seasons.

Signs of Termite Infestations

You might not see termites in your home during winter, but there’s a chance that you’ll see them in spring. Some termites swarm during spring before setting out to form satellite colonies. These are winged termites, so you might either see them swarming in the air or see piles of their discarded wings on the ground.

You don’t need to see termites in order to have an infestation, though. In fact, since they usually stay hidden, it can be hard to spot them. Instead, look for signs of damage to your home. You might see mud tubes that termites build on home exteriors. These mud tubes connect to termites’ underground nests.

Other signs of termite damage might include discolored drywall, loose tiles, bubbling paint, buckling floors, and holes in your drywall. Wood with termite damage might sound hollow when you tap on it.

What to Do About Termites

Worried that you might have termites in your home? Have NJ pest control experts handle them. This ensures that termite infestations are thoroughly dealt with.

If you need NJ pest control for termites, we’re here to help. Please contact Allison Pest Control to schedule service at your home.

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