Rutgers-Camden Assistant Professor Provides Interesting Ant Information

While homeowners might be quick to hire NJ ant control service when finding ants in or around their home, some researchers have been following these bugs to learn more about them. Assistant Professor Amy Savage at Rutgers-Camden has been closely studying ants to find out what they eat.

Ants and the Environment

Savage and her research team have been trying to learn more about what ants in urban areas eat and how this might affect ecosystems. Although ants are often considered pests, they provide some benefits to local environments. Digging in soil allows plant roots to easily find water and nutrients in order to grow and thrive. This leads to the growth of beneficial plants in cities. Ants also help by lowering local insect populations and getting rid of rotting food.

Ant Diets

Savage and her team have done different feeding trials to learn more about ant diets. One trial involved offering ants different types of foods, such as sugars and salts, to see what their diet might be lacking. Another trial involved offering ants common people foods, such as cookies and potato chips. This feeding trial has allowed the team to study how eating people foods might affect ants. Studying ant diets and their effects on the local ecosystem is helping these scientists learn more about these fascinating bugs.

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