You’d Be Surprised What Termites Will Devour If Wood Is Not An Option

When termites invade, many homeowners count on NJ termite control to eliminate them. Termites eat through wood in homes, which can lead to serious damage and structural problems. While you might know that termites’ favorite food is wood, other things they’re willing to eat might surprise you.

People Food

Entomologist Mike Bentley ran experiments to see if termites would eat different kinds of items, including fast food, when they don’t have any wood available to feast on. Dr. Bentley found out that termites are willing to eat burgers and fast-food bags, although they left fries alone.

Household Items

What kinds of household items will termites eat if wood isn’t available? Based on Dr. Bentley’s experiments, termites are willing to eat money and a dictionary’s binding, which contain cellulose. That’s not all these pests ended up eating. They also ate fabric on shoes and towels, as well as headphones.

Termite Control

Knowing that termites could damage more items in your home or even eat your food shows just how important termite control is. If you notice any signs of termites in your home, have an inspection done as soon as possible. Otherwise, your home could be at risk of developing structural damage and other kinds of property damage. Professional pest control experts can stop these pests before they’re able to become this destructive in your home.

If you need professional NJ termite control, please contact Allison Pest Control. With our help, you can enjoy having a termite-free home.

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