Are Brown Recluse Spiders in NJ?

When it comes to dangerous spiders, you’ve probably heard of the brown recluse. This brown spider is known for having a painful bite that can cause serious infections in some people. Are you likely to need NJ pest control for brown recluses?

Brown Recluse Range

The good news is that brown recluse spiders aren’t currently found in NJ. These spiders live in habitats that are warmer, including most of the southern U.S. If you do see a brown spider in or around your home, it’s most likely another type that’s harmless. Several spiders in NJ have coloring that’s similar to brown recluses, but they don’t have the telltale fiddle-shaped marking on their back.

Brown Spiders in NJ

If you don’t have brown recluses, then which spiders are in your home? NJ is home to many brown spider species, including larger ones that you might mistake for brown recluses. Wolf spider are among the largest types in the state. You might also have trap-door spiders. Other brown spiders usually live outdoors, including the fishing spider and American grass spider. Fishing spiders are found near water, while American grass spiders are found in grassy areas.

How to Handle a Spider Problem

You might not have brown recluses, but even harmless spiders can be a nuisance. Have pest control experts handle spider infestations in your home to eliminate these pests.

If you have a spider problem and need NJ pest control, count on Allison Pest Control. Contact us for more information on our pest control services for spider infestations.

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