Early Spring Is The Perfect Time To Resist Carpenter Ants

Can you even resist carpenter ants? You might not have had to deal with any carpenter ants in or near your home all winter long. During spring, though, you have a much higher chance of seeing these pests. Find out how to prevent infestations on your own or with help from NJ carpenter ant control services.

Home Interior Tips

Carpenter ants can easily get into your home through damp wood. Make sure your home interior stays dry at all times. Pay close attention to areas that tend to be damper than others, such as your basement. You can reduce moisture in these areas with a dehumidifier. If your home has any leaks, have those fixed to prevent additional dampness as well.

Outside Tips

Spring rain can make the perimeter around your foundation damp, which attracts carpenter ants. Take steps to help this area dry out quickly after rain, such as trimming branches that block sunlight or loosening soil so rainwater can be absorbed into the ground.

What to Do About Carpenter Ants

What should you do if you already see carpenter ants in or around your home? These pests can cause damage, so you should have pest control experts treat your home. They can quickly find where these ants are getting in and get rid of them for you. This helps protect your home from wood damage.

If you need NJ carpenter ant control, please contact Allison Pest Control right away. With the right approach, we can rid your home of these wood-destroying ants.

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