Mosquito Prevention Starts At Home – Tips for Spring

Mosquito prevention – what to know and do this spring. With warmer weather this time of year, mosquitoes can start becoming a problem. When you have these pests in your yard, they can quickly reproduce and turn into a large infestation that’s tough to eliminate. Find out how to mosquito prevention can work with DIY tips and NJ mosquito control service.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquito eggs need water in order to hatch and develop into larvae. Eliminating any sources of standing water in your yard means you won’t have thousands of mosquito eggs around. Keep in mind that water can build up inside flowerpots, pet bowls, and inflatable or plastic pools. Other sources of standing water that fight your efforts in mosquito prevention include birdbaths, empty tires, and pool covers. Dump any water in these items to stop mosquitoes from laying eggs.

Run Fans Outside

When you’re sitting outside in the evening, turn outside fans on. These fans can help deter mosquitoes from getting close enough to bite.

Wear Mosquito Repellent

Applying mosquito repellent on exposed areas can help discourage these pests from coming around.

Cover Up

Putting on long sleeves and pants to cover exposed skin can keep mosquitoes from biting you when you’re outdoors.

Hire Professional Pest Control

Having pest control experts treat your yard now can help prevent mosquitoes from invading. This kind of treatment can help ensure that you’re able to enjoy your yard this spring and summer without dealing with mosquitoes.

If you’re searching for dependable NJ mosquito control service, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team can help you avoid a mosquito infestation this season.

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