April Is The Start of NJ Mosquito Season – Rutgers Recommendations for Residents

The NJ mosquito season – with the weather warming up in April, mosquitoes will soon by making an appearance. These biting insects can spread diseases and leave you covered in itchy bites. Rutgers University offers the following tips for residents, including when to use a professional NJ mosquito control service.

Get Rid of Standing Water before the NJ Mosquito Season Starts

Mosquitoes place their eggs in standing water, where they hatch. Eliminating sources of this water in your yard helps lower the risk of having a mosquito infestation this spring. Standing water sources in yards include flower pots, water dishes for pets, birdbaths, and any other items that water can hold water. If you have a pool, remove the cover or remove any water that’s on it. Getting rid of standing water helps prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs on your property.

Eliminate Mosquito Larvae

If you have mosquito larvae on your property, insecticides that have Bacillus thuringiensis can be effective at destroying them. Make sure you follow all of the instructions on the label if you use one of these products.

Get Professional Service for Adult Mosquitoes

If you have adult mosquitoes around, have professional pest control done to eliminate them. These experts know which products are effective for destroying adult mosquitoes. Keep in mind that adult mosquitoes can develop a resistance to insecticides, so it’s best to leave this to the professionals.

If you need NJ mosquito control service this spring, please contact Allison Pest Control. We can treat your yard to prevent mosquito infestations as the weather warms up.

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