Mosquito Borne Diseases In New Jersey

Having mosquitoes buzzing around trying to bite you is unpleasant enough during spring and summer. However, their itchy bites aren’t the biggest threat they pose to you and your family. Mosquitoes can also spread a few different kinds of diseases that you might need pest control services in Monmouth County for.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis

This disease can cause serious health problems and even be fatal in some cases. Those who survive sometimes end up having permanent disabilities. While eastern equine encephalitis is relatively rare in NJ, cases have occurred over the years, especially near swampy areas in the southern part of the state.

Saint Louis Encephalitis

This mosquito-borne disease is generally less serious overall compared to eastern equine encephalitis, but it can cause more severe illness in older individuals and those with weaker immune systems. Saint Louis encephalitis typically spreads in suburban and urban areas of NJ through mosquito bites.

West Nile Encephalitis

This disease can be fatal to crows and some other native birds, but it usually only causes mild symptoms in humans. It can lead to serious complications in certain people, such as the elderly. West Nile encephalitis has been in North America since 1999, when it was first detected in crows.

If you need mosquito control for your yard, contact Allison Pest Control today. Our pest control services in Monmouth County can keep these pests from infesting your property.

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