Suspecting Paper Wasps In Your Backyard? Here’s What To Do

While the term “paper tiger” refers to something that’s essentially harmless, paper wasps are a true annoyance that can pose an actual danger. Here are some helpful tips from our Middletown NJ exterminator on safely dealing with the presence of paper wasps around your home.

How to Identify Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are characterized by their distinctive nipped-in waist. Their bodies are usually black or brown, highlighted by yellow or orange markings, while their wings are gray. When they are in flight, a wasp’s six spindly legs appear to dangle beneath their body.

Another telltale sign of paper wasps is a nest constructed of dead wood and plant stems mixed with saliva. The resulting material actually resembles paper. An alternative name for paper wasps is “umbrella wasps,” based on the appearance of their nests.

What Makes Paper Wasps a Threat?

After the fall breeding season, paper wasps look for shelter during the winter. Popular nesting spots can be found under the ceiling of porches and decks or alongside eaves, door frames and soffits.

Left to themselves, paper wasps are semi-social insects that don’t usually exhibit aggressive behavior. If they feel threatened and attack, their venom can produce a serious allergic reaction in some people. Paper wasps also have the capability to sting a single target multiple times.

Expert Middletown NJ Exterminator Services

Don’t take the risk of removing paper wasps on your own. Contact Allison Pest Control for safe and effective elimination of wasps, rodents and other common household pests.


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