What to Know About Early Spring Emerging Paper Wasps

When milder temperatures stick around in NJ, paper wasps can become a nuisance for some homeowners. If you see these pests in your home, does it mean there’s a nest somewhere inside? Find out whether or not you need Monmouth County pest control services for paper wasps this spring.

Paper Wasps Inside Homes

If you see a few of these wasps inside your home, the good news is that it doesn’t indicate that you have a nest inside somewhere. The wasps you see indoors are usually queens that found their way inside for the winter. These queens are trying to find their way back outside in order to build a nest. While these bugs tend to be sluggish when they emerge, keep in mind that they can sting if you handle them.

Paper Wasp Nests

Paper wasps aren’t overly aggressive, but they are known for being fierce about protecting their nests. If you notice any paper wasp nests outside this spring, such as on the eaves of your home or on other structures, you should have professionals take them down safely. Otherwise, you or someone in your family could be stung if you get too close to these nests.

If paper wasps are flying around your home or building nests on your property, contact Allison Pest Control. Our professional Monmouth County pest control technicians can remove paper wasp nests safely.

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