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A Few Tips On How to Prevent Winter Pest Invasions this Winter

Ice, snow, and freezing temperatures can lead to pest problems in your home during winter. Bugs and rodents sometimes sneak into homes while looking for shelter this time of year. Use the following tips to keep winter pests out. If you already have a pest problem, call a local exterminator from Allison Pest Control for help.

Close Up All Pest Entry Points

Most pests are small, so it’s easy for them to find ways inside homes. They can squeeze through tiny openings, such as gaps or cracks. Take a look around the exterior of your home, including your foundation, to find these openings. Check around windows and doors, too. Seal up any cracks or gaps in order to keep pests from entering your home this season.

Eliminate Potential Food and Water Sources for Winter Pests

Rodents and insects can’t easily get food and water outside during winter, so they might look for it in your home. Fix leaky pipes, and clean up spills to get rid of possible water sources. Sweep up crumbs, and keep food sealed tightly in your pantry or cupboards to stop pests from getting into them. Eliminating food and water sources helps discourage pests.

Clean Up Clutter Around Your Home

Winter pests look for hidden places to build nests or hide. This includes piles of clutter you might around your home. Go through these piles to get rid of potential hiding or nesting spots for mice, spiders, and other pests. Keep in mind that eliminating clutter also makes it easier to find any pests that might be lurking in your home already.

Are you looking for a reliable local exterminator in NJ for your home this winter? Please contact Allison Pest Control for more details on our services in Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties.

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