NJ Termite Control – What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

It doesn’t take long for termites to cause a significant amount of damage to your home. These bugs are able to quietly eat through wood for months or even years before any sign of their presence is detected. How do you know if you need NJ pest control services for a termite infestation? Look for the following signs of termite damage:

Damage to Walls

The walls in your home might develop cracks that can’t be explained by other causes, such as settling. These cracks can form when termites feed on wood inside walls. Over time, this can lead to structural damage that affects your home’s stability.

Damage to Floors

Wood and laminate floors in your home might blister when there’s termite activity going on beneath them. They might also sag or have a spongy feel.

Damage to Ceilings

The ceilings in your home can develop cracks when you have termites. These bugs feed on wooden structures that are part of your ceilings, such as beams and rafters.

Damage to Doors and Windows

Termite activity can make it hard for you to open doors and windows in your home. If you have any windows or doors that stick, this can indicate that you have termites.

If you’re having problems with termites, contact Allison Pest Control today for help. We can provide you with prompt and effective NJ pest control services to get rid of termite infestations.

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