Don’t Count On Cats For Rodent Control

If you’ve been hoping your cat will handle a rodent problem on your property, don’t count on it. Cats might get rid of rats at first, but these rodents won’t stay away long. Here’s why you’ll need NJ rodent extermination to eliminate a rat problem instead of relying on your cat.

Using Cats as Rodent Control

How well do cats do when it comes to getting rid of rats? A study found that cats initially stalk rats and sometimes kill them. However, rats have learned to be patient and wait for cats to lose interest. When this happens, rats come right back. The rate of kills is also low. In fact, less then 1 percent of encounters between cats and rats led to rat deaths. This study took place over a period of 5 months and involved observing and recording footage of feral cats and rats. Overall, depending on cats for rat control did not prove to be an effective way to keep rodent populations down.

How to Prevent Rats

Rats in your home or business can leave germs around, damage property, and cause other problems. Getting rid of food, water, and shelter sources can help prevent them from invading. Closing up any cracks or other entry points into your home or building can also stop these rodents from getting in. You should have professional pest control done if you already have a rat infestation.

If you need NJ rodent extermination, contact Allison Pest Control. We can effectively eliminate rats from your home or business.

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