Uncommon New Jersey Pests to Watch Out For

Most NJ homeowners know to watch for cockroaches, ants, and other common household pests. Some of the major problem bugs in NJ are ones you might not have heard of, though. Professional NJ pest control technicians are highly familiar with these uncommon bugs.

Pillbugs and Sowbugs

Pillbugs and sowbugs aren’t actually insects, although they’re still considered pests. They’re small brownish or grayish crustaceans. These pests tend to be nocturnal and usually stay outdoors. Some end up finding their way into homes when they need a moist environment.


Centipedes are another nocturnal pest that can invade homes. These pests usually head for basements and other dark areas where they can hide and come out at night to look for prey, which is typically other bugs. Centipedes are able to bite, but they’re generally not a threat to people. You can easily identify these pests by their thin, elongated bodies and tons of legs.

Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs are simple to identify as well thanks to their distinctive appearance. They have black boxes with bright red or orange markings on the wings. Box elder bugs tend to stay outside, but colder weather might draw them toward homes and other sources of warmth. You’re likely to see them near areas of your home that the sun hits the most.

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