Four Ways to Prevent Rats from Entering Your Home This Winter

Rats are among the more common kinds of pests that bother NJ homeowners. Since rats are able to damage property, contaminate food and spread diseases, it’s important to take steps to deter them or have a pest control exterminator come to your home right away for an infestation. You can do the following to stop rats from becoming a problem in your home.

Hide Food

Don’t make it easy for rats to find food inside your home, or they won’t want to leave. Store food in glass or metal containers that rats can’t get into, and make sure all lids are sealed tight. You should also sweep up crumbs on a regular basis.

Clean Up Clutter

Boxes and piles in your home provide rats with easy places to hide and even make nests. Go through your home and garage, and clean up clutter. This makes it harder for rats to find good hiding spots.

Store Outdoor Garbage Securely

Your outdoor garbage cans should have lids that fit securely. This helps prevent rats from getting inside them in order to look for food.

Close Gaps

Rats are good at getting into homes by squeezing through cracks. Check around your exterior for any openings that rats can use to get inside. Seal these up to prevent rats from getting into your home. Make sure you check for cracks around doors and windows as well.

If you’re looking for a pest control exterminator for a rat problem, contact Allison Pest Control. We can find and eliminate rats.

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