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Nestled alongside the Atlantic Ocean in the southern part of Monmouth County, Manasquan has a rich history as home to Native Americans and European settlers, predating its official incorporation more than 125 years ago. The name translates as “stream of the island of squaws,” a reference to the Native American women who came with their families to spend the summer on the banks of the river sharing the name.

While Manasquan’s enviable oceanside location has continued to draw summer visitors, it has also developed into a charming year-round community. The town’s tradition stays alive at the Bailey-Reed House, a local museum maintained by the Squan Village Historical Society.

Manasquan Pest Control and Pest Exterminators

Thanks to the forefathers of Manasquan, the community still has extensive parkland for outdoor activities and wildlife sanctuaries. The downside is that Manasquan pest control can be a challenge due to the attractive environment.

Allison Pest Control has been providing quality extermination services to home and business owners in Manasquan since 1917. This gives us a unique advantage in understanding and treating the pest control challenges of the area.

Manasquan Ants Threaten More than Picnics

Do you think that ants are too minor of a problem to require Manasquan pest control? You may be surprised by the number of different varieties and the threats they present. Here’s a look at some of the ants most commonly found in the area.

Pavement ants get their name from their propensity to live under stones and concrete slabs. These brown- or black-colored ants are only 1/8-inch long, but they present quite a sight emerging from their colonies to swarm during the spring when they are most active. The nests are deeply sheltered, making Manasquan pest control of these ants difficult for non-professionals.

Carpenter ants are the most prevalent species across the United States, and Manasquan and Monmouth County, New Jersey are no exception. These ants are larger than pavement ants, ranging from 1/4-inch to 3/4-inch in length, and dull black in color. Contrary to what some think, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood. However, they do tunnel deep into wood to build galleries for their nests, which is just as destructive to homes and other buildings.

Odorous house ants are just as offensive as they sound. These pests produce a rotten coconut odor as a defense mechanism or when they are crushed. While they often nest outdoors, they present a need for Manasquan pest control as they move indoors; searching for food on kitchen floors and counters. Since odorous house ants are only 1/8-inch to 1/16-inch long, they can easily infest food containers while remaining undetected.

Tiny, Destructive Termites Challenge Manasquan Pest Control

Surfacing in one out of five New Jersey homes, the dreaded Eastern subterranean termite is a primary target of Manasquan pest control. Although they grow no bigger than 1/4-inch, they are responsible for billions of dollars’ worth of damage throughout the United States, including Monmouth County.

Eastern subterranean termites live in underground colonies that can have populations running into the millions. They operate under a rigid caste system where each member has a predetermined role, relying on pheromones to communicate with each other.

Unlike carpenter ants, Eastern subterranean termites actually do feed on wood. Since they make their way into homes and buildings from below, they can often inflict a critical amount of structural damage before they are discovered. Their tiny size and massive numbers make Eastern subterranean termites next to impossible to eliminate with non-professional Manasquan pest control methods. New Jersey Pest Home Protection Plan.

If you’re in need of Manasquan pest control, you don’t have to handle it on your own. Gain an extra measure of assurance with one of our home protection plans or commercial pest management program. Help is just a phone call away!

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