5 Facts You (Probably Didn’t) Want To Know About Your 15-Legged Roommate, House Centipedes

Centipedes aren’t something you want to see inside your home. These multi-legged pests can make your skin crawl when you find them lurking in corners or the ceilings of your room. However, there are some fascinating facts about centipedes that you might not be aware of.

Natural Pest Control

Centipedes feed on a wide range of pests, including cockroaches and bed bugs. While this might seem convenient, you should still get Monmouth County centipede control to prevent a large infestation of these critters.

Harmless Pests in NJ

Centipedes are unpleasant to look at, but at least they won’t hurt you. Thankfully, NJ centipedes aren’t dangerous like their cousins, the Scolopendra, which have venom in their claws.

Centipedes as Pets

Centipedes are sometimes kept as pets in Japan. Since they feed on several insect pests, they’re considered a good form of pest control in Japanese households. The centipedes they keep as pets are typically large ones.

Lightning Speed

Centipedes are incredibly fast. In fact, they can move at speeds of around 16 inches per second. This allows them to quickly get from one place to the next inside homes or to reach their prey.

Grooming Behavior

Centipedes are known to groom themselves after they eat. This includes cleaning each of their legs. Even if they have a missing leg, they still groom their legs in the right order.

If your home needs Monmouth County centipede control, contact Allison Pest Control.

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