Stopping Bed Bugs – Rutgers Shares Best (And Worst) Techniques

Bed bugs have been a nuisance for NJ homeowners and business owners in recent years. Although professional NJ pest control service is available for these bugs, some individuals try to handle infestations on their own. Rutgers University offers helpful tips on what to use and what not to use for bed bugs.

Effective Bed Bug Control

What works for controlling bed bugs? Putting items in plastic containers and encasing mattresses and box springs can help control bed bugs. Washing bed linens in hot water and drying them on a high setting can also help control these pests. Other ways to control bed bugs include placing small items in your freezer for four days, using steam to clean your furniture, and getting rid of items that are heavily infested. Keep in mind that you should still have your home professionally treated for bed bugs.

Ineffective Bed Bug Control

What doesn’t work for controlling bed bugs? Don’t waste your money or time using moth balls, rubbing alcohol, dryer sheets, or house cleaning materials to eliminate bed bugs. These bed bug control methods won’t destroy these pests. Consumer pesticide sprays, natural pest control products, and ultrasonic pest repellers are also ineffective at eliminating bed bugs. Have pest control professionals treat your home for bed bugs instead in order to thoroughly eliminate them.

If you’re looking for NJ pest control service for a bed bug problem, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our experts are trained to provide effective bed bug treatment for NJ homes and businesses.

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