My Vacation Rental Home Has Bed Bugs – What Do I Do?

Have you ever arrived at a vacation rental, ready for a great time, only to discover it’s already occupied? When the interlopers are bed bugs, a simple annoyance turns into a major problem. Take these tips from our Toms River NJ exterminator.

Have Bed Bugs, Will Travel

Bed bugs are opportunistic insects that hitch a ride on people, clothing, packages or any other convenient surface. Given the number of visitors traveling in and out of cabins, cottages and condos, it’s no surprise that vacation rentals are a prime landing spot for bed bugs.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

As per their name, bed bugs frequently take up residence in mattresses and bedding, where they can feed on unsuspecting people while they sleep. When you arrive, immediately search the sheets, blankets and mattresses, as well as drawers and other hidden spaces, for bed bugs and their tell-tale dark brown stains.

If you find signs of a bed bug infestation, take pictures and notify the manager immediately. Be sure to document all communication. By the way, don’t assume that a high-end rental is immune. As our Toms River NJ exterminator will testify, a spotless home is no defense against these invasive pests.

Your First Choice for Toms River NJ Exterminator Services

Whether you’re at home, work or play, don’t let insects and other pests interfere with your life. Let Allison Pest safely and effectively eliminate the problem. Contact us to schedule a free inspection by our friendly and professional Toms River NJ exterminator technicians.

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