So Bed Bugs Returned to Work With Your Employees, What To Do Next

With more employees returning to offices or other workplaces, employers might find themselves having to deal with a bed bug problem. These bugs can easily get into workplaces if employees have an infestation at home, since they hitch a ride on clothing or other items. As an employer, you might need professional NJ pest control services for bed bugs, so it’s important to learn more about these pests.

Immediate Steps

What should you do if you find a bed bug in your workplace? You should trap it in a plastic bag or container, then show it to pest control professionals. This helps ensure that bed bugs are correctly identified, so your workplace can receive the right pest control treatment. Keep in mind that bed bugs can lurk in crevices or other hidden areas where they’re hard to see.

Legal Matters

Employers aren’t required by law to specifically address bed bug infestations. However, employers should have professional pest control handle infestations as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading throughout the workplace and to other employees’ homes.

Hire Reliable Pest Control

Have experienced pest control experts treat your workplace for bed bugs. Trained professionals have the right products needed for eliminating bed bugs. They can also help you lower the risk of having another infestation occur.

If you need NJ pest control services for bed bugs in your workplace, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our experts can rid your office or building of bed bugs and help you prevent additional infestations.

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