Exercise Caution When Near the Nests of Stinging Insects

When you’re spending time in your yard this summer, keep an eye out for ground bees. Getting too close to their nests can cause them to sting you. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to reduce your risk of being stung, including having professional NJ ground bee treatment done if needed.

Avoid Swatting

Swatting at stinging insects can provoke them and increase your risk of being stung. In some cases, you can be stung multiple times.

Store Garbage in Secure Containers

Stinging insects are drawn to some of the foods that end up in your trash can. Make sure these cans are securely closed to stop these bugs from getting inside.

Avoid Walking Around Barefoot

Walking around without shoes on can put you at a higher risk of being stung if you accidentally disturb a ground bee nest. Always have shoes on when you walk around your yard.

Check Window and Door Screens

Make sure the screens on your doors and windows don’t have any openings, such as rips or tears. Ground bees and other stinging insects can get into your house this way. Replace ripped or torn screens to stop these bugs from getting inside your house.

Rely on Professional Pest Control Experts

Never try to get rid of a ground bee nest on your own. Instead, have pest control experts safely remove these nests for you.

If you need NJ ground bee treatment, contact Allison Pest Control. Our pest control professionals know how to remove ground bee nests with extreme care.

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