May is Here, What Pests to Expect This Month

The weather will be getting warmer this month, which means you can expect to see more pests around. While most of them should be outside, you could see certain kinds inside your NJ home. These are some of the more common pests that you might need Monmouth County NJ pest control for during this time of year.


Ants aren’t around as much in winter, but they start getting busy in May. These pests can invade your home in search of food for their colonies. Other ants might get into your home in order to build a colony, such as carpenter ants. No matter what kind of ants you have in your home, you should have them eliminated as soon as possible.


Cockroaches are around all year, but you might see them more often in spring as the weather warms up. These pests also invade residential homes to find food and shelter. Since they spread harmful germs, it’s important to keep them out of your home.


Termites are highly destructive insects that can cause structural damage to your home. During spring, some of these bugs swarm in order to establish new colonies. You might see them in the air or around areas of your home.

If you need Monmouth County NJ pest control for ants, cockroaches or any other pests, please contact Allison Pest Control.

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