Rutgers University Offers Cockroach Control Information

Cockroaches can be extremely hard to get rid of on your own, but there are some ways to control them. In addition to professional NJ cockroach control, Rutgers University offers the following tips for keeping these pests away.

German Cockroaches

These light brown cockroaches are common household pests in NJ. Keeping food, including pet food bags, sealed helps keep these pests from invading your home. Cleaning up crumbs, spills, and other food and water sources also helps. Other control methods for these cockroaches include eliminating clutter and fixing leaks. Cockroaches can hide in piles of clutter. Water from leaks creates a source of water for them.

American Cockroaches

These reddish-brown cockroaches prefer moist or damp environments indoors and outdoors. You might find them in or near plumbing fixtures and sewer lines on your property. Closing up gaps around plumbing fixtures helps stop these cockroaches from getting into your home. You should also seal up cracks in floors or walls that they can get through.

Oriental Cockroaches

These black cockroaches usually stay outside, but they can sometimes get into homes. Keeping the foundation of your home clear of debris that can attract them, such as vegetation, can help keep them away. You should also look for and seal up openings or gaps around doors, windows, and walls. Getting rid of clutter also helps prevent these pests from infesting your home.

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