Brace Yourself for Early Spring Season Pests

Whether winter weather is colder or warmer than usual, it’s important for homeowners to be aware of potential pest problems that follow in early spring. Some types of weather can raise the risk of having pests invade your home. You might need to find the best exterminator in Monmouth County if you encounter these pests in early spring.

Freezing Winter Weather and Rodents

If winter weather has mainly been freezing, you could have rats or mice lurking inside your home. Rodents need a sheltered place with plenty of water, warmth, and food in order to survive harsh winters. You might discover signs of rodent infestations in your home in early spring if these pests found a way inside. These signs might include gnaw marks, droppings, and shredded paper or other nesting materials.

Warm Winters and Ticks

Ticks usually aren’t around when it’s freezing outside. However, milder winter weather makes it easy for these pests to survive. When temperatures have been warmer than normal, you might need to watch for ticks while you’re outside. These pests tend to be found in areas with long grass and other places to hide.

Dealing with Early Spring Pests

When you have pests in your home or yard in early spring, have pest control professionals help you out. These professionals can get rid of early spring pests that are on your NJ property.

Looking for the best exterminator in Monmouth County for early spring pests? Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our services.

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