When Is Termite Season in New Jersey?

While termites are hardy pests that stay active all year long, there is a season when they’re particularly visible around New Jersey. Will you require Middletown NJ exterminator services this spring? Here’s what you need to know.

Rise of the Termites

Termites may seem to disappear when cold weather begins, but they just go underground … literally. Subterranean termites live in the ground, creating tunnels where they build their nests and travel to obtain food and other necessities.

When temperatures begin to warm up in March, swarming season begins. Alates, or swarmers, include both males and females. During this period, they emerge from their colonies to mate. As swarmers pair off, the couples shed their wings and build new nests to populate.

What to Look For

Our Middletown NJ exterminator advises that swarmers are most active during early afternoon or after light rain showers. These are key times to stay alert for termite appearances around your home or business.

Other signs of termite infestation include:

• Wings left behind by mating swarmers

• Mud tubes, which termites use to navigate between their nest and food sources such as houses or trees

• Blisters in wood flooring, which are similar in appearance to water damage

• Damaged or hollowed-out wood

Your Top Choice for Middletown NJ Exterminator Services

If spring showers bring more than flowers to your home or business, contact Allison Pest. Our friendly and experienced Middletown NJ exterminator experts will conduct a free pest inspection and consult with you on safe, effective treatment.

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