Four Reasons Spiders are a New Jersey Winter Pest

When it comes to spiders, out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. Our exterminator Ocean County NJ shares four reasons why spiders remain a common pest during cold weather months.

What Makes Spiders a New Jersey Winter Pest?

1. Like most living creatures, spiders seek shelter and warmth during the winter. In many cases, they’re content to remain outdoors under piles of leaves, rocks or wood. But the warm recesses of your home are also appealing, and spiders can gain access through the tiniest of openings.

2. Over time, spiders have developed ways to adapt to cold weather. As temperatures drop, they build up protective compounds in their tissues that act like antifreeze.

3. Another strategy that has evolved in spiders is diapause. This is comparable to a state of hibernation, in which an animal’s body slows down and essentially goes dormant for a period of time. On warmer days, though, you may be surprised by spiders emerging on a quest for food.

4. Spiders mate early in the fall, with many of the males dying soon after. The egg sacs that are left behind are hardy, with the female staying on them to provide protection from the elements. Once spring arrives, the eggs are ready to hatch, releasing a whole new generation of spiders on the unsuspecting residents of a home.

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