Ants: More Than Just a Food Nuisance

Having ants in your home can ruin your food, but this isn’t the only problem these pests can cause. It’s a good idea to have Monmouth County pest control services deal with these bugs in order to keep your home and family safe.

Problems with Ants

In addition to contaminating food in your home, ants can also put your home at risk of damage and make your family sick. Some ants carry germs, which they spread throughout your home while crawling around. Certain species are known to chew on wiring inside homes, raising the risk of a fire. Carpenter ants can chew through wood in your home and cause serious damage.

Ant Prevention Tips

How can you keep these pests out of your home? There are certain steps you can take to lower your risk of dealing with ants this season:

– Clean up crumbs regularly

– Store food in tightly sealed containers

– Close up gaps and holes around your doors and windows to keep ants from getting in

– Trim tree branches and shrubs away from the exterior of your home

– Clean water and food dishes for your pet on a regular basis

– Have pest control professionals inspect your home for ant problems and handle them right away

If you have an ant problem in your home, Allison Pest Control can help. Contact us for more information on our Monmouth County pest control services.

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