Five Tips to Identify and Discourage the Norway Rat

As temperatures drop, Norway rats are one of the common pests that will be looking for warmer quarters. Don’t let them take up residence on your property. Here are some helpful tips from our NJ pest control services experts on identification and prevention.

Characteristics of the Norway Rat

1. The Norway rat is the largest species of rat found in close proximity to humans. Head and body combined measure seven to 10 inches, while the tail adds another six to eight inches of length. At a weight of seven to 18 ounces, they tend to have stocky bodies.

2. Norway rats are covered with coarse, shaggy brown fur while the tail is bi-colored. Facial features include small ears and eyes and a blunt muzzle.

Prevention Tips

3. Rats love to burrow. Keep your property free of logs, leaves and other clutter that provide attractive targets.

4. Despite their stocky appearance, rats can squeeze through surprisingly small spaces. Inspect your home or building carefully for gaps, cracks and other openings where rats could gain entrance.

5. Animal food and waste often draw rats to an area. If you have pets, be sure to clean up after them promptly and keep their food in tightly sealed containers. Don’t put up bird feeders or leave food for wildlife that may come to your yard.

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