Three Reasons You May Find Crickets in Your Basement

Now that summer is over, you might not be hearing crickets outside as much. However, you could have crickets, such as camel crickets, lurking in your home instead. You might need to call a professional NJ exterminator to handle a cricket problem. Why do these bugs invade homes?

Damp and Cool Environment

Camel crickets are found in caves in the wild, since these provide a damp, cool environment for them. When these crickets enter homes, they look for a similar environment. This usually means hanging out in basements and crawlspaces, which offer moisture and cooler temperatures.

Easy Access

Camel crickets can easily find their way inside your home if you’re not careful. These crickets can hide in tall grass, wood piles and other debris close to your house. If you have cracks or gaps in your home exterior, crickets can make their way into your home. Sealing up openings and eliminating hiding places next to your home can help prevent a camel cricket problem.

Food Sources

Camel crickets can find plenty of food sources in your home. These bugs eat different types of materials, such as carpeting, wood and cardboard. They also feed on other bugs. Having an infestation of camel crickets in your home can lead to property damage, since these insects congregate in larger numbers.

If you have camel crickets in your basement or another part of your home, please contact Allison Pest Control. With help from a professional NJ exterminator, your home can be free of these pests.

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