Carpenter Bees – Do They Have Stingers?

Seeing carpenter bees flying around can be alarming, especially if they head your way. Are these large bees able to sting you? Find out if you should be worried about these bees and whether or not you’ll need Monmouth County pest control to handle them.

Carpenter Bee Behavior

Some carpenter bees can seem aggressive by flying directly at people who get too close to their territory. The good news is that these are the males, and they don’t have a stinger. The males rely on aggressive flying to scare intruders away from their nest rather than attacking people. Female carpenter bees do have stingers, so they could sting you. However, they aren’t considered aggressive and rarely go after people. Female carpenter bees might sting if you try to handle them.

Carpenter Bee Control

What should you do if you have carpenter bees at your home? You might not need to worry about stings, but these types of bees can damage the wood in your home. They dig into exterior sources of wood, such as the outside of your home or your porch railings, in order to make their nests. Professional pest control experts can safely get them off your property before they’re able to cause severe damage.

If you have a carpenter bee problem at your home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team provides quality Monmouth County pest control services.

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