Five Reasons You May Have Cockroaches and How to Identify Them

No one willingly invites cockroaches into their home, but are you unwittingly allowing conditions that make these pests feel welcome? Our NJ exterminator takes a look at five common reasons why you may be finding these unwanted guests.

Five Causes of a Cockroach Infestation

1. Cockroaches are bottomless pits, feasting on debris that even other pests wouldn’t touch. Do you keep food items in sealed containers and wipe down kitchen surfaces to prevent crumbs and spills?

2. Water is essential for all living creatures, and cockroaches are particularly vulnerable to dehydration. Are leaky pipes or damp towels causing moisture buildup? Perhaps poor ventilation is creating high levels of humidity.

3. When cockroaches have easy access to food and water, they turn their attention to reproducing. Cockroaches are difficult to eliminate in part because they lay eggs in hidden areas where they can develop undisturbed. If your home is full of clutter, it makes a perfect breeding ground.

4. Cockroaches don’t need a lot of room to make their way indoors. Have you checked doors and windows to make sure they’re tightly sealed, with no torn screens or gaps around the edges?

5. Some cockroach species prefer outdoor living until the weather turns cold. Does your yard have piles of leaves or branches where cockroaches may be living, ready to move indoors when temperatures drop?

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