How to Bed Bug-Proof Your New Jersey Home

Ready to bed bug-proof your home? It all starts with a little knowledge and some simple small changes. Bed bugs are active, even in the cold winter months. Don’t let these small bloodsucking pests make you and your family miserable. Instead, take this advice from the top Monmouth County pest control experts at Allison Pest Control to keep your home free of bed bugs.

Protect Beds

You can protect beds in your home by covering them with bed bug box spring and mattress encasements. These special coverings help reduce the risk of having bed bugs, which is especially important if you live in an area that has a high amount of bed bug activity.

Inspect Used Products

If you plan on buying secondhand items, make sure you look closely at them before the purchase. Bed bugs from other homes can be hiding on and even inside these items.

Wash All Items After Traveling

If you’ll be traveling this season, throw everything into the washing machine when you get home. Even if you have clean clothes, it’s a good idea to wash them after a trip just to be safe. On return put all luggage directly in the laundry room and wash everything. Don’t ever put your suitcase on your bed for packing or unpacking. Store luggage in the garage or basement never in bedroom closets.

Check Your Coats

When you go out, check your coat before putting it on and when you return home. Bed bugs could be crawling on your coat from the places you visit.

If you think you may have a bed bug problem in your NJ home, count on the top Monmouth County-based pest control experts at Allison Pest Control for help. Call us at 800-564-4585 for more information on our bed bug control services and our free pest inspection today.

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