Sensitivity: Why Some React to Bed Bug Bites and Others Don’t

Bed bugs are known for feeding on people’s blood, which can cause bite marks to appear. Some people have more severe reactions to these bites than others, but why does this happen? Find out more about why some individuals are more sensitive to bed bug bites.

Whether or not you have severe reactions, keep in mind that you’ll still need professional pest control in Monmouth County to deal with these pests.

Bed Bug Bite Sensitivity

A recent survey found some interesting results in bed bug bite sensitivity. The majority of respondents reported having bed bug bites with and without reactions, but roughly a third reported no reactions to the bites. Female respondents were more likely to report a reaction to the bites, but this difference between female and male respondents wasn’t considered statistically significant.

The biggest finding was that older individuals were less likely to have bed bug bite reactions compared to younger individuals. This could be due to certain medications that elderly individuals take.

Bed Bug Bite Reactions

Those who experienced reactions reported itchiness, redness, a stinging sensation or discoloration. Most bites occurred on the arms, although some occurred on the hands, chest, back and feet as well.

If bed bugs are giving you itchy bites, contact Allison Pest Control for help. Our experts provide pest control in Monmouth County, which includes inspecting your home and treating it for bed bug infestations.

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