What NJ Homeowners Should Know About Silverfish and How to Prevent Them

When you see what looks like a long, thin bug crawling inside a book or lurking in a corner, you might be seeing a silverfish. These insects are a silver or light gray color and grow to 3/4 of an inch long. You might need pest control in Monmouth County in order to get rid of a silverfish infestation in your NJ home.

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

Having silverfish in your home can be unpleasant, but these bugs aren’t considered harmful or dangerous to humans or pets. Silverfish aren’t known to bite or sting, and they don’t transmit any diseases. They won’t go after your food either, but they can cause damage to books and other household items. Silverfish eat starches and similar materials, including the glue in book bindings.

Silverfish Prevention Tips

How can you lower your risk of having silverfish in your home? Check items that you bring into your home to make sure there aren’t any of these insects lurking inside. You can also prevent silverfish by controlling the humidity level in your home. Silverfish prefer more humid environments, so use a dehumidifier if needed and fix plumbing leaks that could raise the humidity level in your home. Eliminating clutter also helps stop silverfish infestations.

If your home has a silverfish problem, contact Allison Pest Control. Our experts provide reliable pest control in Monmouth County to eliminate these pests.

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