Mice – More Human Than You Know

Did you know that mice have quite a bit in common with humans? While it’s not good to have these critters in your home, it’s interesting to find out how they’re like us. Keep in mind that no matter how cute they might seem, you should have an exterminator Ocean County NJ come to your home to remove them.

Body and Mind Function

Mice are very similar to humans in the way their bodies and minds function. These similarities have made them commonly used test subjects in scientific research. Scientists have done many studies on the use of medicine in mice, for example, which has led to improvements in the way humans treat various illnesses. After conducting research on mice, scientists then do clinical trials with humans. Thanks to mice, researchers have learned a lot about illnesses and ways to treat them through these studies.

Food Choices

Mice aren’t picky about their food. In fact, they eat almost everything humans eat, including fruits, grains and even meat. While their diet might be similar to ours, they eat much more often. In fact, mice tend to eat up to 20 times per day, which is why they’re so often found inside homes where they have easy access to several sources of food.

If you have mice in your home, contact Allison Pest Control as soon as possible. We can send a knowledgeable exterminator Ocean County NJ to your home to eliminate these rodents.

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