Don’t Rely Too Heavily on Your Cat’s Ability to Rid Your Home of Rats

When you have cats in your home, you might assume that you’ll never have to worry about dealing with rats. The bad news is that you’re more likely to end up needing Monmouth County pest control after all if you have these rodents around. Cats have been shown to be ineffective at killing rats inside homes.

Rat-Cat Research

Researchers at Fordham University studied interactions between rats and cats. Over a 79-day period, cats that were part of the study had opportunities to hunt 150 rats. While you might expect good results from this, what happened was very different. The cats only went after three of the rats and only succeeded in killing two of them. The kills occurred when the cats were able to sneak up on the rats and ambush them.

Relationship Between Rats and Cats

Why were cats uninterested or hesitant to go after rats? The researchers believe one explanation might be that rats can grow to be fairly big and act aggressively, especially in the case of city or sewer rats. This might deter cats from wanting to go after them and risk being injured. Instead of fighting, rats and cats generally acted indifferent toward each other.

If you have rats or other rodents in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. With our Monmouth County pest control services, you can look forward to having a rodent-free home.

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