Can Rats Carry the Coronavirus? What You Need to Know

Rats are notorious carriers of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens posing health threats to humans. So, we can most likely add coronavirus to the list, right? Our Colts Neck exterminator takes a look at current information regarding this urgent issue.

Can Animals Carry COVID-19?

While the healthcare community is focused on human-to-human spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, research into its origins has produced evidence of transmission from animals to humans. Scientists believe the outbreak stems from areas of China where bats and rats are sources of food.

China has banned the bamboo rat meat trade, as that species has been identified as a likely intermediary host of COVID-19. Could the same hold true for roof rats, Norway rats and other rodents encountered by our Colts Neck exterminator?

Why Rats Are Health Hazards

At this point, there’s no confirmed case of North American rodents testing positive for COVID-19. But rats have certainly been found to carry other strains of coronavirus. One version has even been dubbed “rat coronavirus,” which is spread through direct contact or airborne particles.

Here are just some of the diseases that may be spread by rats and other rodents:

• Hantavirus, a serious respiratory disease that may be fatal

• Plague, an infection which causes large sores and abscesses

• Leptospirosis, which can be a precursor to meningitis

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