Watch Out! As the Weather Cools Pests Move In

As you get your home or business ready for colder temperatures, guess who else is making plans? Yes, insects can’t wait to hunker down for the winter in your cozy building. Here are some of the usual suspects who may have you looking for effective pest control in my area.

Common Insect Pests

  • The stubborn and aggressive cockroach is a perennial member of this list. In addition to causing havoc with food supplies, cockroaches present a serious health risk as carriers of Salmonella, dysentery and numerous other bacteria and pathogens.
  • Carpet beetles are more interested in other food sources in your home or building. These pests dine on a wide range of dried plant and animal products, including wool, wood, linen, cotton and rayon. They have actually been known to cause serious damage to stuffed animals in museums.
  • Despite their aquatic name, silverfish are completely comfortable indoors. Silverfish feed on an eclectic mix of items, ranging from wallpaper paste and laundry starch to sugar, cereal and flour.
  • Confused flour beetles get their name because they are often mistaken for red flour beetles. While these beetles don’t pose a direct health threat, they can destroy food supplies by laying their eggs in cake and bread mixes, flour and chocolate.

The #1 Choice for Pest Control in My Area

Don’t let uninvited house guests ruin the fall and winter months. Contact Allison Pest Control and let our friendly and knowledgeable technicians conduct a free pest inspection of your home or business.

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